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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  June 27, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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>> a brutal liquor store attackd
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tonight, only on abc 7 news, an exclusive interview with the brave clerk who took on that robber. good evening everyone. i'm in for dan. >> i'm amma. the clerk spoke exclusively to lisa tonight and we have chosen to hide his face he's afraid of retaliation because the attacker. he normally works 6:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. shift here at tip top liquor. he's soft spoken man. no bigger than i am. but the knife that -- night someone tried to rob the place none of it mattered he knew he was ready to fight back. >> i feel all right but a little bit afraid. >>reporter: kim loves his job at tip top when this man came in. jumped behind the counter and started grabbing cigarettes and alcohol, he knew he had to stop him. >> the situation that happen just like with the reaction is
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not rate to do. >>reporter: you condition see from the video kim started arguing with the man who in turn threw glass bottle at the father of 2. kim didn't back down. he went after the suspect with a gardening tool. but the man over powered him. then this customer in the red shirt got involved off camera. which caused the suspect to run away. store regular were his shocked by the video. >> kim fighting back. i told him not to. he asked me whether do you think i should have done i said you don't even engage this guy. >> i would have didn't the same thing. like the guy is robbing my store. trying to take my money. i'm goingyou too. you too. >>reporter: i asked kim why he risked his life to protect the store and r very simple. >> i find the job and the boss is kind of like good heart. before doing right for him. >>reporter: kim only worked hear for a year but feels like a part of the community. after hearing about the attack one customer brought him egg roll
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while another made him this card. the suspect mean time is still on the loose. in san jose, if abc 7 news. >> and here's the picture of the suspect one more time described as 5 foot 8. 1 80 pound with curly black hair and pony tail and mustache and if you want to see the video again we have it on our web site at 7 >> breaking news tonight out of berkeley. police on scene of shooting at address liquor on san pablo avenue. happened just after 10 tonight. witness tells us that the victim was chased in the store and was shot in a storage room. victim taken to the hospital in an unknown condition. shooter has not been caught. developing news tonight. woman is dead after tour bus heading to san jose and car collide entered madera couldn' couldn't. happened just after 5 this evening on road 145 just east of highway 41. witnesses say the car swerved into the path of the bus which was carrying more than 40 people.
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chp says the bus hit the car head on killing 60-year-old driver of the car on impact. police say they did 7 several reports of the woman erratic driving just before the collision. now the bus is owned by free mont base rosie tour. driver says thinks his first accident in 30 years of driving. >> i really can't explain to you how i feel because this is terrible. the lady parish. terrible. i don't know whether to say. so foyshtion officers raised the possibility the woman's dog distracted her because it wasn't strapped also died. no one on the bus was hurt. >> well respected postal inspector being charged with stealing mail. kwan howard supervisor at sap jose mail processing center accused of stealing money, jewelry, silver bars, passports, prescription drugs and weapons. investigators say howard told
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his staff to let him know any time expensive items were left side in the mail. they say he would confiscate the items. agents began surveilling howard last year. they arrested him yesterday. san francisco police say a serial arsonist is off the street. anthony was arrested just block away from one rincon plaza where firefighters put out deliberately set five this week. alan 30's with more information open the suspect. >>reporter: police said fire in the grm of this luxury hi rise was one of the more serious of these serial arsons. they say anthony the was dangerous man while on the streets and now we learn other people like his roommate also believed he was a serious threat. investigators say these surveillance photo and video show 47-year-old anthony bay in the process of commit ago series of arson fires mostly in the south of market.
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each time he's shown carrying a bag and in this photo he is standing next to some dumpster. one of the alleged targets. >> very next day after san francisco police released the images and video of the suspec suspect, we did 7 information. >>reporter: on wednesday night san francisco police arrested the man. they believe he started this car fear inside the garage of one rincon plaza. over the past week police say also set fire to gr badge cans, dumpsters, newspaper rack and construction site the. >> i'm glad they caught the pechbility it can be very dangerous especially at construction site. >>reporter: as ear he livedt year he lived here on market street on the 21st floor. we learned his rule mate applied for a restraining order against hit. he says the man corner me in the kitchen and threat tond kill me. i call the police and asked if i wanted him arrested. i said no because i was afraid would he harm me if i did. tell he's charged with 6 counts of arson denied our request for
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jill house interview. in san francisco, alan wong abc 7 new news. >> watsonville man arrested after unusual road rage incident. according to investigators 35-year-old jeffrey bow for some rope cut in front of a school bus forcing it to the side of the road and then he backed his car into the bus. which had 3-year-old passenger on board. nobody was hurt. but bow is charged with assault with deadly weapon. >> new plan to tighten security at the international airport here could end up costing you more money. changes come after 15-year-old from santa clare jumped the airport fence and stowed away on plane bound for hawaii. the changes won't be cheap or simple. airport officials have recruited the national safe guide alliance to examine insecurity flaw and reviewing operation procedures. funding would come from passenger facility charges which could nearly double if approved by congress in the fall. >> sausalito police department turning to the citizens to help
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fight crime. they are asking residents and businesses to register any existing security cameras. but the new program called the citizens view is purely voluntary. police say would it make it easier to find surveillance foot annual if a cail in the area. americans wendy burch team usa take on germany a crucial world cup soccer match. there is life after death. team usa escapes the group of daechlt only goal of the day came in the second half. germany mueller blasted a shot past diving the howard. 1 nil the final. team usa didn't win but didn't have to. portugal beat ghana to allow usa to advance. face belgium next tuesday. >> the morning match was is popular some bars filled to capacity at 9:00 a.m. >> usa usa. >> these chants were heard
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inside san francisco the pub as the game came to an end. some fan said a loss never felt so good. while most people were huddled around television 1.7 million people were simultaneously using watch espn of the game regard for the service that allow to you stream show and game to the mobile device or computer and more than the streaming viewers for supe superbowl o. search watch espn in the app store to down load the app. >> seems like a great advertisement on monday now a great photo op for world cup fans. this ad shows a screaming swarez well it was supposed to sell soccerbut but people pose with and arm and putting the head in his mouth. about larry you do it so much better. >> you're guy. the fans not like up for selfie. they are mad swarez suspended 4 months for the chomp against annie
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tall i don't know defender during the game on tuesday. >> his nickname is the cannabe cannabel. >> yes it snais well earned. red carpet just steps from the golden gate. next on 7 news why big name actors are going april tonight in san francisco. >> plus the fired nanny who refused to leave. fight southern california family now faces. >> you have heard of the ultimate wedding. how about the uber wedding. latest outrageous marketing stunt by the car service. >> here's how the morning will start out. great. find out when the fog will disappear and hot summer weather will appear. we take a look at the weekend but first here's jimmy kimmel. >> thanks. quick preview of what we are up to tonight. you have had 3 prime time shows. bob new hart show. new hart then a show called been also. all named off. sour an ego all named off. sour an ego maniac is
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all named off. sour an ego maniac is >> oh, my. nightmare for southern california family. the nanny who refs to leave the family hired 64-year-old diane stratton in march. she was grit for a few week then she just refused to work or leave their house. and for at least now the law is on the nanny side. judge said the family served the wrong legal papers and then must good through formal eviction proces process. strt on even told the family she wants them out of the house from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. today stratton was served with new legal papers and has until friday to respon respond. >> san francisco hosted world premier for the dawn of the planet of the apes movie tonight at the palace of fine
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arts. we were on the red carpet tonight as stars told us what they loved about working on the latest movie set in the bay area. in 2026 san francisco doesn't fare so well as the future battle field in the war between humans and aprils. -- apes. >> there must be another way. >> very emotional because about two years ago we came here production design it effects people lacking around for location to shoot in and two years later and the movie is done and the experience is over we are now about to share it with the world. it's very exciting. i love the bay area. really cool to be back here. >>reporter: san francisco film commission works to bring project to the bay area. bigger the better because it means jobs and a bump inspect tourism. >> we are really happy to have any film here the blockbuster because they are seen by so many millions of people and because the budget are so large they are spending a lot of money in the local economy. so we are very happy to have them. >>reporter: bay area native
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don an ape costume playing blue eye. >> the way we show the bay area and the way it trans formed in our movie is much different than the way it is now. lets hope it stays that way for awhile. >> an medical. don't shoot. >>reporter: star gary old man didn't address the recent interview with my boy that he made offensive comment about jewish people. did he mention the favorite scene in the story. >> if we hope we could co-exist. i think at one point in the movie pit prevents that. >>reporter: the movie opens july 11. >> another big change come to the view after just one season. jenny is leaving as co-host. news of her exit comes only hours after sherry shephard announce she's leaving the show after seven years. they have not announce who had is rae placing the 2
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>> co-host. >> dog new home after the owner tried to sell him hours after adoption. tvl 10-year-old jack russell terrier was adopteded from the hawaiian humane society. new owner then tried to sell the dog on craigslist for 200 dollars claimed he was only 5 years old. out remaininged dog lovers saw the ad and contacted humane society. selling a dog symptom legal but the dog was return to the shelter and the dog was adopted by a new family. uber on demand ride service at it again. never guess the latest stunt. this saturday in san francisco uber will be offering on demand weddings in honor of pride weekend. all you have to did is open the app and place order. uber bring a notary to work with you open the marriage license. they partner with alaska to make your dream honeymoon a reality and best of all it's all free. uber says from arrival to i do should take about an hour. >> coming soon. uber annulmen
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annulment. >> rate snichlt expedited wedding. check on the weather. >> here's sandhya. amazing how many things they come up with. here's a look being at live doppler 7hd right now we have a deepening marine layer over 2000 feet tonight and so we are seeing low clouds all the way out towards the livermore year tonight. so total morning do expect some gray skies like what you are looking at from the exploratorium candle. 61 oakland pretty mild in half machine bay. sfo cam with the low clouds right now. not going to be another round of wide spread drizzle or areas of drizzle like we saw last tonight but we still have to deal with the marine influence for the time being. this year low 60's concord and livermore and another live picture from the roof cam are breeze is not as strong as earlier this afternoon. low clouds overnight tonight. warmer
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inland tomorrow and either heating up on sunday and monda monday. here's the satellite and rid arrest. how could you forget the slick roads this morning. if light rain with the next system. staying well to the north of us. we may squeeze out a little patchy drizzle. friday night into saturday morning along the coast. high pressure already beginning to rebuild so once this gets closer to us we start to feel the heat around here. here's look at tomorrow mornin morning. fog low clouds wendy burch out drive carefully temperatures starting out in the low 50's to the low 60's then head to the afternoon hours we start to notice that it will bringen up around the bay. not near the coast but 5 alaska the fog pulls awhich and sits there typical pattern this time of year. summertime pat everyone here. 60's coast side with fog lingering. inland area sunny and a little bit warmer so friday will continue to be on the same track as today. a little warmer today. tomorrow afternoon year in
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fairfield antioch 81 livermore. 80 nap a.79 in santa rosa. oakland san mateo fremont mid 70's. 62 degree ins half moon bay. 66 in san francisco with some fog lingering. if you good to the giants game tomorrow nature at at&t park breezy take on the reds again. temperature about low 60's 7:15 dropping to the mid 50's. i wouldt it or sweatshirt. weather should be nice. pride celebration taking place in san francisco both days. parade celebration on saturday. temperature in the low mid 60's. lots of sunshine for the afternoon. and in the evening it's clear. if going to the parade the pride parade on sunday, get ready for some warmth. it's heating up. temperature mid 90's sunday. monday 98 for hot on 68 on the coast. i think some of us will wand want to head to the
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beach. cool it off a bit around the middle of the week. >> beach or pool thank you. collin is here with a look at the sports. what happened? what happened? so much fun yesterday. not really tonight. so issues at home and except for one lone
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>> back-to-back no hitter didn't happen at at&t park but ryan did one thing better than tim tonight. more strike outs.
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timy 6 in the no hitter yest against cincinnati. if swing the high heat and force. reds break a scoreless tie in the fifth. the double to left bring home loose. the scoreless inning streak is over for him. first pitch of the seventh. fill im take him out. he gave up a home run. 3 nothing gym in the bottom half. duval major league debut. story history bigf the day. loves it. the only mistake who struck out 12 is a win. warriors zero pick. in tonight's nba draft to calf laers with no. 1 pick from third time in 4 years second in a row. >> with the first pick in the 2014 nba draft the cleveland cavaliers select andrew wiggin
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wiggins. kansas and andrew won and done in lor is. l joe third the phillies san jose gordon look at this he jumps to fourth. guess to orlando. australian goes to utah at 5 and surprise late in the first round. 29 to oklahoma city. powell went 40 in the second round to charlotte. mercury news reporting that bran barbara held the position. formal announcement to. when lasting means winning. skeptic wrong wrong they
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ithe part of us that a littwants to play,on. wants to be mischievous, wants to run free, all you have to do is let it out. find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride at universal studios hollywood.
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. a we know. we advance be as to the income out stage today. theyhwanted to win but they played them close and it's just as good. after scoreless first half germany breakthrough on the 55 minute. heard one save but not a second. them joins the goal of the world cup. we play in brazil. rinaldo break the hearts on sunday. 85th minute assure u.s. of advancing and fans they knew i it. of crossing until the end. great opportunity kicks left instead of right and gave maven entered a draw. matching record in the group of
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defendant is the american under 3 fewer goal than port good and advance based on that differential. >> we always believe we could get out of the group if we played well. thought we played a lot of work. a will of character. just written as sharp as we neededet to be to gt a goal. >> belgium tuesday 1:00 o'clock espn. >> can't ever remember so many people fired up for a soccer mail. really good game. belgium one out of the favorite. why not. >> why not them we believe
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that's our report for tonight thanks for watching. >> abc 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook and all the mobile devices at the abc 7 news app. 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> actor bob new ♪watching everybody eating
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♪what they want all day ♪oh this tasteless cardboard ♪brings me nothing but more shame ♪ ♪turning every turn until i find something right♪ ♪and it...takes my breath away >> okay. "a" for effort. >> no. >> it didn't work out of. track fans gave of a standing ovation to an 800 meter olympic runner who finished last. >> not because she finished
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last, but because she did it. she was nine months pregnant. making this our favorite story of the day. got you one more time. >> favorite story of the day. >> the five-time u.s. outdoor champion, clocked 2:32 at u.s. track and field championship yesterday. that's only 24 seconds behind her closest competitor. >> only 35 second slower than her personal best. that's six weeks before her due date. there are no excuses anymore. if you can run a race -- >> look at her there, with that pink tank top, running. that's incredible. incredible physique. i could never do this. i thought it was incredible that i sat on a stationary bike when i was 25 weeks pregnant. let me tell you, they give you mean looks at the gym when you show up pregnant. they're not really into that. >> got to get your workout in. >> you do. very important. health benefits to it. coming up in "the mix," anchor people replaced by robots. oh, no. >> pink slips for us.
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